Fearful Odds

Aye, Lord Macaulay

We all face fearfull odds to some degree, some greater than others, some better capable of finding shelter from the storm. I bought this domain name 15 or so years before an October '14 diagnosis of PPMS predicted I'd be forced into a chair.

The curious thing is not dealing with the disease, it's dealing with what goes on in your mind. Even when you are a bear of very little brain. Here's the thing, without stuf easily identified as worthy of an issue, insidious diseases, there's plenty of stuff going on under the hood that could do with a bit of maintenance. If you add up all the people who fit into a spectrum of one sort or another, have anxieties and esteem issues, addictions (by the way, addicted to work, or running, or making model aeroplanes aren't that different from the 'classic' addictions), poverty, abuse, attachment problems, it adds up to more people than there are people.

But enough of all that. Life ought be about laughter. Love. The chortle of an easily pleased infant. The pleasure in a sunset, the smile of curiosity as my dog tilts his head trying to work out what's going on. The intimacy of touch. Butterflies are beautiful, they don't cause storms. The greatest gift in life doesn't get bought on-line. It is the gift of understanding.